'Architecture is the thoughtful making of space into a home'

As a concept inspired in 2004, OA Design Solutions is a process of exploration and experimentation.

 At OA Design Solutions, we search and research for solutions to meet our clients’ needs and desires.

 We analyse parameters and factors that define the physical products which are affordable, durable, functional, ecological, and beautiful.

 As designers we aim to bring more than just these utilitarian goals … we seek the poetry in the place, the lyricism in the built-forms and the vibrancy in the inhabitants’ lives.

 OA Design Studios strives to create unique housing, for the client with a role in the search for beauty.

In the end, it is not the “things” that we design, but the transcendental experience of the people using them.

 At OA Design Solutions, we understand that the 'good life' exists just a step outside of materiality, in a mystic twilight zone which we call 'architecture'.

 It remains our endeavour to create an environment, ambiance, or milieu, which enriches our clients’ lives and make living a meaningful experience.

Our studio provides comprehensive professional services, including site planning, architectural designs, working drawings and specifications.

 Contact:  andrew@oa-ds.com.au 

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